Stone and concrete bench top cleaning

Do you have a stone, concrete or granite bench top? Melbourne-based, we specialise in cleaning and polishing of natural stone and concrete benches in residential, commercial and retail properties. Discover how to clean stone bench tops to restore the beautiful finish.


Natural stone and concrete bench top cleaning

Natural stone and concrete make for beautiful bench top surfaces. Marble kitchen bench tops, granite bathroom vanities and concrete benches in retail and hospitality environments add a hint of sophistication to the room. However, bench tops are often the focal point of activity in the room. Because of this, they are continuously exposed to stains from liquids, greases and other substances which can detract from the natural beauty of the material.

Refined Floorcare provides professional bench top cleaning and restoration and brings years of experience in stain removal, cleaning and sealing of natural stone and concrete to your next project. .

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Cleaning and polishing bench tops
Marble, granite and limestone bench tops can be somewhat cleaned utilising a soft cloth and warm soapy water. However general wear and tear can reduce the lustre of the surface. Stone and concrete benches are also prone to the development of uneven surfaces known as 'lippage'.

If you have assessed your bench space and believe it requires a professional clean or grind, Refined Floorcare can assist in restoring your bench top to its original beauty. We will grind back your bench to ensure the surface is even and smooth and then polish or hone the stone or concrete to achieve the finish you desire.


 Bench top surfaces we restore:

  • Marble benchtops
  • Granite benchtops
  • Sandstone benchtops
  • Travertine benchtops
  • Limestone benchtops
  • Concrete benchtops

We provide high-quality cleaning and polishing of residential and commercial bench tops.


Sealing bench tops surfaces
To enjoy the results of your professional clean for longer we recommend sealing the bench top to prevent stain penetration. We consult with the client and recommend penetrative sealants or coating sealers based on the material (eg. marble vs granite vs limestone) and the day-to-day demands for the bench top.


How to clean your bench top
A stone or concrete bench top is an investment and you should enjoy the result of a professional clean for as long as possible. We provide natural stone and concrete maintenance kits as part of your personalised ongoing care program. These kits educate our clients on how to care for their bench, to maintain the sheen for longer. Refined Floorcare can even provide all of the correct and necessary cleaning products and a cleaning schedule to assist this process.


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