Commercial floor cleaning and polishing Melbourne

We provide high-quality commercial concrete cleaning and polishing services in the Greater Melbourne area. Plus, natural stone restoration for commercial and industrial properties: swimming pools, hotels, offices, retail spaces, car parks, garages and more.

Commercial floor cleaning and polishing

Refined Floorcare provides the highest quality industrial and commercial hard floor cleaning service in Melbourne. Industrial spaces such as parking lots and commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants & bars, day spas and retail stores often feature beautiful concrete and natural stone materials.

We have a wealth of experience in tackling commercially-sized projects and undertake an in depth consultation with the client in order to ensure the results of the professional cleaning of your marble, granite, limestone and concrete surfaces endures the test of time.

For any polished concrete and natural stone restoration project contact Refined Floorcare for a detailed assessment of your cleaning, polishing and sealing needs.

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Commercial cleaning and polishing of concrete surfaces
Polished concrete and decorative concrete is now a favoured feature for commercial and industrial properties. Concrete provides a clean and modern aesthetic to shops, hotels, restaurants and bars. Better yet, there are many concrete coatings and concrete sealing options which can transform the look and feel of your concrete floors and features to suit the interior design of your space.


Commercial cleaning of natural stone
Natural stone surfaces such as marble, granite, limestone, sandstone and bluestone have long been utilised to provide a sophisticated accent to industrial and commercial properties. However, high traffic areas such as hotel foyers, shopping centres and retail stores increases the risk of the stone being worn away creating an uneven surface. The potential for the stone to be stained or contaminated by dirt or grit is also increased in commercial spaces.


Examples of commercial cleaning projects

  • Hotel foyers:
    Marble and granite floors and reception desks require occasional professional cleaning in order to restore the stone's natural beauty.
  • Bars:
    Bars are often constructed from concrete or stone. They are prone to water-based stains and hard surface cleaning and sealing can assist in maintaining the finish of the stone or concrete.
  • Shopping centres:
    Stone tiles in shopping centres require professional grinding and polishing particularly in high traffic areas where the tiles may be worn away creating lippage.
  • Car parks:
    Parking lots, driveways and garages are prone to oil-based marks and require quality concrete cleaning and polishing solutions to remove contaminants and protect against future stains.
  • Spas, Pools and Gyms:
    Lifestyle centres often utilise natural stone to create a peaceful and organic ambience for customers. Tiles are exposed to water and oil-based contaminants which can make once-polished stone look dull and aged. Professional sealing can also assist in improving the slip resistance of the surfaces which is important in change rooms and around pools.
  • Commercial kitchens:
    Cleaning of floor and wall tiles which are regularly exposed to dirt, grit and oil-based contaminants can completely transform a commercial kitchen environment.
  • Offices and Schools: 
    Most offices and schools include concrete (on pavements and driveways) and natural stone (in bathrooms, kitchens and reception areas). These high traffic environments benefit from a professional deep clean to restore tired and dull-looking surfaces.
  • Art galleries and Museums: 
    Due to the high amount of foot traffic, concrete floors in museums and art galleries can become marked and uneven. Grinding and polishing can assist in restoring the concrete and sealing can assist in redefining the aesthetic of the space.


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