About Refined Floorcare Melbourne

Refined Floorcare is a polished concrete and natural stone surface cleaning company. We clean and polish concrete and natural stone floors, benchtops, tile & grout in indoor and outdoor areas of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

About Refined Floorcare

Considered floor care, from all angles.


Loki: Site Supervisor


Refined Floorcare provides a focused and quality attentive approach to restoration and maintenance of all tiled, stone and concrete surfaces.  

Lead by Robert Boejte, with over 13 years experience working on an array of concrete and stone restorations and ongoing care, Refined Floorcare brings a wealth of knowledge to each new project.

Working with a large and diverse array of clients – we can facilitate work across a range of properties including private residences, commercial and industrial properties such as restaurants, schools, hotels and residential property common areas inclusive of apartment lobbies, pools and bathrooms. 

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