Sealing stone, tile and concrete

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Sealing stone, tile and concrete surfaces

Sealing is the process of applying a chemical to a porous surface such as natural stone or concrete in order to reduce the porosity of the material to prevent stain penetration and maintain the polished look of the surface. Often people are not aware of the importance of sealing their stone or concrete surfaces. Sealing protects the material by putting a barrier between the surface and any potential contaminants. It also prolongs the life of the surface, as it is subject to less immediate damage caused by everyday accidents. 

There is no one sealer which is better than others. Some sealers provide better protection against water-based stains while others provide more superior protection from oil-based stains. Refined Floorcare utilises professional grade sealants and has many years of experience in their application to assist you in choosing the right sealant in order to maintain of your beautiful floors. 

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Example of sealed polished concrete floor

Example of sealed polished concrete floor

Types of sealants

Impregnating/penetrative sealants
Penetrating sealants form a bond with the stone or concrete beneath the surface  (impregnate the surface) to limit the penetration of both water-based and oil-based contaminants.

Features of impregnating sealers: 

  • Protect the surface without changing the look of the stone or concrete
  • Allows natural stone to breathe
  • Usually environmentally-friendly
  • Reduce entry of stains into porous tiles and concrete making sealed surfaces easier to clean
  • Longer lifespan of sealer protection (up to 10 years)


Topical sealants
Topical sealants provide a film coating which sits on top of the surface. Topical sealers create a high gloss finish. The more coats of a topical sealer applied, the more reflective and glossier the look.

Advantages of topical sealers: 

  • Relatively cheap
  • Provides a high gloss finish
  • Provides a barrier between the porous surface and any contaminants
  • Prevents corrosion, surface damage and staining

Disadvantages of topical sealers:

  • Can change the look of natural stone due to the coating nature of the sealant
  • May show scuff marks from footwear or furniture
  • Costly to maintain due to shorter lifespan of sealer protection (around 3-5 years)


Solvent sealants
Solvent sealers are another form of impregnating sealant. However, they form a deeper bond with the surface and use stronger chemicals. Solvent sealers are suitable for low porosity surfaces such as granite, marble and porcelain.

Advantages of solvent sealers:

  • Penetrates up to 20mm deep
  • Effective repellent of water-based stains

Disadvantages of solvent sealers:

  • Powerful chemicals omit strong odours
  • Ineffective repellent of oil-based stains
  • Difficult to strip
  • Potential to damage natural stone during stripping process

Sealing concrete
Concrete has gained popularity as an alternative to natural stone surfaces. Concrete is a porous material which absorbs liquids and contaminants. Therefore concrete floors, bench tops and driveways should be sealed to prevent staining and retain that newly polished concrete look. We are able to recommend the best concrete sealants and provide a professional concrete-sealing service to ensure that your floors are protected for as long as possible.


Sealing stone
Natural stones such as marble, limestone and granite add sophistication to the home, your office and particularly commercial properties. Natural stones are porous in nature and stone sealing is a great way to protect the unique look of your stone tile floors and granite or marble benchtops from stains, dirt and grit. Professional stone sealants assist you in maintaining the polished look for many years to come.


Tile and grout sealing
Different tiles and grouts require different sealants and professional advice on sealing will ensure your tile and grout stays clean for longer. We thoroughly clean the tiles prior to sealing and employ a stain treatment if required. We then recommend the best tile and grout sealers to our clients and apply several coats of the chosen sealant to the tile surfaces. 


Refined Floorcare utilises safe water-based products with the latest in sealing technology. We can also provide our clients with products needed for owner maintenance at a wholesale price.


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