DIY polished concrete and stone care

DIY polished concrete? Let our specialist team equip you with the knowledge and tools to maintain your beautiful concrete floors. We also provide servicing kits and educate you in how to clean tile & grout and how to clean marble and granite surfaces.

How to care for polished concrete and natural stone

Servicing kits are something we offer as part of your personalised ongoing maintenance program.

These kits can be provided to smaller scale properties such as offices or residential properties and can be implemented by either Refined Floorcare or the client. 

Our tailored cleaning schedules ensure that newly treated surfaces are easily maintained - keeping all areas clean and beautiful. Refined Floorcare can provide the correct and necessary products and chemicals to assist this process. Specific instructions will accompany your kit - which can be stored conveniently on your fridge as a reminder to keep your stone care or concrete cleaning on track and on schedule. 

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Hard surface care and maintenance

DIY polished concrete
After investing in the professional polishing your concrete surfaces it is important to ensure the look lasts for as long as possible. We equip you with the cleaning products and care instructions to assist you in DIY polishing of your concrete features.


Natural stone care
Ongoing care for your natural stone means your marble, granite and limestone surfaces maintain their unique sheen for longer. We help you determine the appropriate cleaning schedule and develop a servicing kit so you get to enjoy the stone's beauty for longer. 


How to clean tile and grout
So you have invested in professional tile and grout cleaning? We help you establish a cleaning schedule to ensure your grout stays clean and your tiles maintain their beautiful finish for longer. We can provide the tile and grout cleaning products to help you maintain that professionally cleaned look.


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