Stone Polishing and Restoration Melbourne

High quality natural stone cleaning, restoration and polishing of marble, granite, travertine, bluestone, sandstone and limestone for residential, commercial and industrial properties in Melbourne.

Left to right: limestone floor before and after, cleaning and polishing.

Left to right: limestone floor before and after, cleaning and polishing.

Natural stone cleaning, polishing and restoration

The natural stone surfaces you have in your home, office or commercial space are an investment which provides many years of service. Proper care and maintenance is crucial to preserving the stone's natural beauty and protecting your investment.

Perhaps you require professional stain removal assistance, maybe you are looking to freshen up a neglected marble bench top or simply seeking to polish your limestone or granite floor tiles. Whatever your stone cleaning and polishing needs, Refined Floorcare is dedicated to the restoration of natural stone surfaces such as marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, bluestone and limestone. 

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Knowing the stone type and assessing the surface
Natural stones can be categorised according to their composition as either siliceous stone or calcareous stone. Knowing the difference between these types of stone is imperative to selecting the correct stone cleaning products. Once confident with the type of stone we are working with, we assess the current condition of the stone. We look for evidence of stains, cracks and also signs of lippage (where the stone surface is uneven from wear). We also examine the stone to see if there is evidence of a topical sealer and any signs that the sealant has worn off. We are then able to develop an appropriate cleaning and polishing procedure for your surface.

Left : example of cleaned limestone floor, Right: example of cleaned limestone tiles

Left : example of cleaned limestone floor, Right: example of cleaned limestone tiles

Cleaning stone

Once we understand the condition of the stone, we are able to clean the natural stone surface. This may involve applying a poultice (a stain removing paste) to re-absorb stains that have penetrated the stone or it may require us to grind back the stone through a wet or dry process in order to re-establish the evenness of the stone surface.  


Stone polishing and stone finishes
We are able to restore your once-polished stone benchtops, floors and tiles. Repolishing or honing of dull marble or limestone floors or walls is a great way to restore the intrinsic aesthetics of natural stone material. Three common stone finishes include:

  • Polished finish:
    characterised by a smooth finish and glossy look which reflects light and emphasises the colour and markings in the stone.
  • Honed finish:
    characterised by a smooth finish and matte look which does not reflect much light and is therefore preferred on floors and other heavy-traffic areas.
  • Flamed finish:
    characterised by a rough texture and commonly utilised on granite floors.

If your surface does not match the above three stone finishes, get in touch for professional advice on how to achieve a unique finish.

Left to right: white granite, grey granite, sandstone and bluestone

Left to right: white granite, grey granite, sandstone and bluestone

Natural stone types we restore:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Sandstone
  • Bluestone

Refined Floorcare have experience in restoring natural stone surfaces in residential, commercial and industrial properties.


Natural stone sealing
Several factors should be considered when deciding whether to seal your stone surface and we can assist you in determining if sealing is appropriate for your marble, granite, limestone, bluestone or travertine features.

The durability of the stone, likelihood of stains and the type of stone finish applied to the surface will all influence the choice to seal natural stone. We will also consider if the sealant will impact the colour or look of the stone, the location of the material (eg. bench tops, floor, foyer or bathroom) and what type of maintenance program the surface is likely to receive. High level of care is exercised by Refined Floorcare when recommending stone sealants to our clients.

If sealing is right for your project, natural stones such as marble and granite are protected from everyday dirt, grit and spills facilitating its maintenance. We will assist you in choosing the correct stone sealants whether that is a topical stone sealant which provides a film coating on top of the stone material or a more 'breathable' impregnating sealer which penetrates below the surface.


Natural stone cleaning products
Marble, granite and other natural stones are porous materials. Therefore, it is important that cleaning products are specifically formulated for the specific type of natural stone. Importantly, natural stone often features in areas of the home that are highly frequented such as the kitchen or on floors. With this in mind, Refined Floorcare utilises stone cleaning products without nasty chemicals so you can get back to your daily routine without coming into contact with hazardous substances.


Natural stone maintenance
Natural stone servicing kits are something we offer as part of your personalised ongoing maintenance program. These kits help to ensure that newly treated stone surfaces are easily maintained to help keep all areas clean and beautiful. Refined Floorcare can provide all of the correct and necessary stone cleaning products to assist this process.



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